Taylor'd Business Solutions, Inc.

Taylor'd Business Solutions, Inc. can provide complete and sustainable solutions for individuals, small to mid-sized businesses as well as large corporations.


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Taylor'd Business Solutions, Inc. is a management consulting firm focused on helping individuals and businesses solve the complex challenges and decisions facing them.


Taylor'd Business Solutions, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence in applying structured problem solving and CliftonStrengths®.  We offer advice and support for every process and structure you are dealing with.


Who We Are

Hello.  We are Eugene and Kimberly Taylor.  We established Taylor’d Business Solutions, Inc. in November 2010 after working a combined 50+ years for many large corporations and other orgnaizations. 


During that time, when we worked as Industrial Engineers, our specialties included working with manufacturing employees as well as management teams on process improvements, team building and dynamics, procedure documentation, and individual and executive coaching.  Eugene also developed and honed his leadership and structured problem-solving skills while serving in the US Navy for 28 years.


We were looking to continue to use our talents for helping others with discovering, analyzing, and solving problems, and assist them to overcome obstacles and find solutions that best resolve an issue.  In other words, we wanted “to inspire people to discover their natural talents and develop them into strengths. So that, they can be more successful than they ever dreamed possible.”


As Coaches, we work with our clients to eliminate problems with their Productivity, Organization, and Profitability (their POP).  Basically, do you have the right PEOPLE (Productivity), using the right PROCESSES (Organization), to get the right RESULTS (Profitability)?


We chose to focus our efforts and to work with individuals and small to mid-sized businesses,  so that we could focus on understanding the client’s individual processes, styles, and business dynamics.  This allows for the coaching to be specifically targeted to the needs of the individual or team, and to address their POP to assure success.


Since establishing the Company, we have provided services to a variety of different types of clients that include. individuals looking for personal development, architecture firms, various medical practices, including dental and chiropractic offices, and a few automotive groups.  We also work with not for profit for organizations, including churches, special interest groups, and community service associations.


We use a process we call the TBS Model, to approach every client with a structured developmental process that allows each client to use their individual skills, talents, and strengths to achieve success for themselves as well as their team’s success.


We are also certified as Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches, and we love to help our clients uncover their unique use of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes, and to assist them to recognize, understand, and embrace their talent DNA, which helps to explain the ways they most naturally think, feel, and behave.


Taylor'd Business Solutions, Inc. provides complete and sustainable solutions for individuals, small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations.